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if only forgetting you would be that easy ; i probably have been so busy enjoying my life right now.*sigh

Admitting the fact , memories stay. Either it is a good one , or vice versa , they always stay. Unless , you are having amnesia. Then forgetting memories wouldn't be a problem and you also tend to forget the good ones.

I'm totally talking about those bad memories tho.
Moving on doesn't mean that the wound has been healed too. They're still there. Even if they can heal by times , it will remain as scars. I've been trying so hard to forget those things that broke me but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why can't i get those shits off my mind like seriouslyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

[i'm not talking about my ex]

Hmm , it's always being my fault for keep on mentioning those thing out of the blue and break myself with my own words. Seems like I never move away from it. It still hurting and sometimes i could cry just bcs of it.

Reasons why it is so hard to forget them ;
Sbb yg kawan tu masih kawan. Dan yg sayang tu masih sayang. Sbb always ada benda yg buatkan aku ingat balik semua. relates to both of them.

Pls go away semua. Ni bukan sinetron.

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Assalamualaikum. Thanks for coming !

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