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Dear diary ,

I am writing to express how grateful i am for have reached this point where ; I hate him more and more each day.

Sorry but not sorry , he's the cruelest and useless guy on earth and maybe the universe! Okay not to be so harsh with my words but yeah , i have to admit it , he is nothing. Absolutely nothing! He doesn't sacrifice anything for me. He doesn't do anything to keep me and.. he doesn't even love me. 

I've just realize how stupid i am for loving him with all my heart and urgh , like you know what , that's not me. I won't do stupid things like that. Heh maybe he has possessed me or something. Like.. how come did i became so stupid for two years ?!!!! Oemgiii. Menuduh tak baik lah nangzeck.

Bobby was right. "Nang kau kena bersyukur perempuan tu muncul dalam hidup dia. Kalau tak , sampai ke bila taktaulah kau nak jadi bodoh macam dulu tu" *aku terima bulat2 apa yang bobby cakap ni

Yeah. I'm grateful. Thank you(whoever you are idc)

Glad i found back my real happiness , peace and freedom. 

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Assalamualaikum. Thanks for coming !

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