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Astronaut // Simple Plan

Great. I'm staring at this blank page for about 5 minutes. Trying to sum up everything in my head and there you go. It is equal to... nothing. I can't think. Can't find the right way to think. Oh pls nangzeck. Does thinking really needs a very right way that much ?

Well. Hemmm. What i want you to remember is , 'people change'. People can change. And people will change. Trust me. Even when they keep on reminding you , 'i won't change. I'm not gonna leave you hanging. I won't be like those people'

Don't you ever ever fall for that. Don't trust them. Just... don't.

Baby girl. Men cannot be trusted. They're gonna leave you. Sooner or later. Sorry to say. But seriously , my head keeps on telling me , men are all the same; cannot be trusted.

Prove me i'm wrong.

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